To ensure you are always adequately protected, it is our responsibility, as your Takaful Operator to regularly review our medical plans against the current healthcare costs. This is important in sustaining the Tabarru` Fund for the long term. The basic principle of Takaful is for mutual aid and assistance where all participants pool their contributions into the Tabarru` Fund for the payout of claimable events, including the payout of medical claims. As you may be aware, the cost of healthcare has been consistently rising due to various factors. These include increase in hospital and doctor charges, advancement in medical treatments and drugs, as well as increasing demand for better healthcare services. Having carefully considered the relevant factors above, PruBSN undertakes this revision to help ensure your long‑term medical protection will be there for you when you need it. You will be notified accordingly if there is a need for revision in the future as well.

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How much do medical costs rise each year?

The Aon 2019 Global Medical Trend rates has reported that the medical inflation rate in Malaysia was 15.3% in 2018 and has increased to 16.0% in 2019. This is in comparison to the general inflation rate of 2 – 3% in the same period.
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What is the difference between contribution and Tabarru` deductions?

Contributions are the amount that you pay for basic and additional benefits (if any) under your certificate. For an investment-linked takaful certificate, the contributions you paid are used to purchase units in the investment‑linked fund(s) while the remaining is used to pay upfront wakalah deductions for your Takaful Consultant’s commission and other distribution‑related expenses. Tabarru` deductions is an arrangement where a portion of your allocated contribution in the investment‑linked fund(s) is deducted and pooled into the Tabarru` fund for the purpose of mutual aid and assistance according to the agreed benefits under the plan. Generally, the Tabarru` deduction amount will increase as you grow older.
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Why do I need to pay the additional contribution/recommended top-up?

The additional contribution/top-up is required to cover the increased tabarru` deductions. With the increase in tabarru` deductions, more units will be deducted from your certificate account value to pay for the higher tabarru` deductions. If you continue to pay the same amount of contribution after your new contribution effective date or do not top-up your certificate after this revision, it is possible that your certificate may lapse earlier than expected.
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I have not made any claim. Why are my Tabarru` deductions and/or contribution being revised?

Takaful is based on the concept of mutual assistance among fellow participants. Tabarru` deductions are pooled to pay for potential medical claims. In order to ensure long term sustainability of your protection coverage, revision on the Tabarru` deductions are required and will be applied on all certificates with the similar medical plans regardless of claims history.
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Aren’t the Tabarru` deductions and contribution rates for my medical plan guaranteed?

The Tabarru` and contribution rates of our medical plans are not guaranteed, as shown in our product materials and sales illustrations, as well as in your certificate document. They can be revised provided that prior notice is given to customers (according to the notice period stated in the certificate document).
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Is the rate of increase in contribution/Tabarru` deductions fixed across all certificates?

The rate of increase in contribution and Tabarru` deductions is not fixed across all certificates as it varies depending on existing certificate’s terms, type of medical plan, person covered’s age, gender, nature of occupation, etc.
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Is there any change in coverage/benefits with this revision in tabarru` deductions and/or contribution?

Contributor(s) coverage will be increased to cover the new contribution. All other benefits remain the same.
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Will there be an increase in my investment-linked certificate account value since I am paying more contribution?

The impact on the investment-linked certificate’s account value should be minimal because the additional contribution is utilised to cover the increased Tabarru` deductions.
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I own several certificates, why did I receive my letters on different dates?

The revision of contribution and Tabarru` deductions takes effect from the certificate anniversary date. Customers will receive their letter at least 30 or 90 days before their certificate anniversary date, depending on the type of medical plan.
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Arising from this revision, what are the options available to me?

There are a variety of options that may apply to your specific situation. Listed below are some of the options you may wish to consider in reviewing your current certificate coverage and affordability: Option(s) Details Convert to Co-Takaful or SmartSaver300 plan If your current plan is Full Coverage, you may lower your contribution by converting to Co-Takaful or SmartSaver300 plan Review current benefits You may take the opportunity to review your certificate’s benefits to suit your current protection needs and affordability. However, we wish to remind you that any changes to your benefits will have an impact to your protection. If you would like to review your existing coverage or consider other options that may better meet your protection and financial needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Takaful Consultant or Bank/PruBSN Representative.
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Is this medical revision approved by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)?

The medical revision is a commercial decision by PruBSN.
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