Contributor coverage (if applicable) will increase correspondingly and additional Tabarru` deductions will be deducted from your account value.

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What are Contributor riders?

Contributor riders are optional riders under which the future contribution of your certificate (in whole or in part) will be paid by Tabarru` Fund when any of the claimable event(s) defined in your certificate document occurs.
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Will there be any change to contribution for certificates under Contributor status?

There will be no change to the certificate contribution. Only the Tabarru` deductions are revised. However, with the increased in Tabarru` deductions, it is possible that the fund value in the certificate may not be sufficient to pay for the Tabarru` deductions in the later years. You are encouraged to do regular contribution top-ups based on the amount recommended in the notification letter so that Tabarru` deductions can be covered in the long run.
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Why is my medical plan still subject to a contribution revision when my certificate is already under Contributor status? Aren’t the contributions already paid for by Tabarru` Fund?

The medical rider and Contributor rider are two different riders with different coverage. When a certificate is under Contributor status, the Contributor rider has been claimed. The medical coverage is still effective and subject to the new Tabarru` deductions, but the contribution will remain.
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What if I do not wish to pay the recommended regular contribution top-up?

While we encourage you to perform regular contribution top-up, it is entirely optional.
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If the certificate is under Contributor status, when will the Tabarru` deductions be increased?

For certificates under Contributor status, the Tabarru` deductions will be increased with effect from the certificate anniversary date, but the contribution will remain.
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How will this revision affect my current payment arrangement?

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If my certificate is currently being processed for a minor claim (Accident, Hospitalisation, Life Stage benefit), when will the increase in Tabarru` deductions and contribution take effect?

For certificates under minor claim, the Tabarru` deductions and contribution for the medical plan will still increase. The Tabarru` deductions will increase from the certificate anniversary and the contribution will increase from the Next Contribution Due Date (NCDD) onwards.
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If I have already paid my contribution in advance, do I need to pay the difference in contribution?

You do not need to pay the difference in contribution. However, there will be an increase in the Tabarru` deductions. You will need to review the sustainability of your certificate from time to time to prevent the certificate from lapsing. You are encouraged to make a single contribution top-up as recommended in the notification letter so that the Tabarru` deductions can be covered in the long run.
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